Plastic shell game: CA regulators fail to ban toxic BPA in canned foods

Story featured in "Before You Leap," a podcast by the Center for Environmental Health

Part 3 - Home Cooked 

October 4, 2016

You may recall that the toxic chemical bisphenol A (BPA) has been eliminated from most baby bottles and sippy cups, but it is still used in many other products, including in the linings of many canned foods. A California state science panel unanimously agreed that BPA poses serious threats to women’s reproductive health, and studies have linked BPA exposure to breast cancer, prostate cancer, and other serious diseases.

Last year, California told canned food makers that they would need to start warning consumers about BPA in their products by May 2016. But just weeks before that deadline, the state released an “emergency” rule with limited public notice, that allows canned food companies to continue selling BPA-tainted products without adequately warning consumers.

Now the state wants to extend this rule, despite the ongoing risks to our children and families.  CEH has joined with business leaders and other advocacy groups in calling on the state to withdraw this dangerous proposal and put our health first! You can take action to urge state regulators to withdraw this proposal via the CEH website.

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