Challenges to Peacebuilding in Mindanao, the Philippines

Seeds of Violence in the Food Systems of Mindanao by Corinne Smith

Brokering Peace: The Conflict through the Eyes of Father Bert by Corinne Smith

Featured in Reflections Vol. 5 2015, Center for Conflict Studies, Middlebury Institute for International Studies at Monterey, CA.

In 2015, I participated in an intensive graduate research project investigating the roots of conflict and peacebuilding strategies in Mindanao, the Philippines with the MIIS Center for Conflict Studies. This included a 3 week practicum in  Mindanao, where we interviewed stakeholders in the peacebuilding process - women-led groups, faith groups, local government officials, teachers, NGO leaders, and local citizens - about their experience in the conflict and what the path to peace looks like. This culminated in presentations and dialogue with Mindanao-based policy-makers and development actors, the MIIS campus community, and the above written findings in Reflections.

Corinne Smith